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BREAKING NEWS: “Illustrated StoryBook About MSA” Published!

JUNE 11, 2021


Defeat MSA Alliance and MSA United International Consortium is pleased to announce the publication of  “The Truly Fantastic Adventures of the MSA Warriors” – America’s first illustrated storybook about our amazing MSA warriors and the globetrotting MSA Awareness Shoe! In this first volume, we read about the Shoe, how it came to symbolize MSA, its efforts to raise awareness about MSA, traveling to dozens of countries, rubbing shoulders with notable people and visiting famous landmarks, far and wide.

The book written by expert storyteller, Sarah Kassem-Ableev (Germany) and wonderfully illustrated by Ala M. Lockhart (USA) is dedicated to Sarah’s mother who passed from MSA and Ala’s mother who is presently fighting MSA. The book also pays tribute to all MSA warriors throughout the world who are battling MSA everyday!

Proceeds of book sales support Defeat MSA Alliance and helps raise awareness among the general public. For questions about book sales or if you would like to place a bulk order, please reach out to Defeat MSA Alliance:

For individual orders, please visit the publisher Blurb, for this fantastic book, the first of its kind: