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“Current Treatments”- Dr. George (MSA Conference, Pt 3)

Published by defeatmsa

September 23, 2020

“Current Treatment Options for MSA” – Edwin George II, MD, PhD, (Wayne State University, Detroit, USA)

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  1. Nidia Edwards

    Is Sinemet a first line for P-MSA?

    • defeatmsa

      It usually is used for Parkinson’s but sometimes it is used to MSA. It depends on the treating doctor. Sometimes, when a patient does not respond to it – that fact can figure into the diagnosis. We cannot recommend treatments so everyone is advised to follow their doctors advice. Thank you for the question! If you are interested in a good summary of known treatments, there is a document on known treatments in the footer of this website. Also, please sign up for MSA research and support updates under the Research heading on the top menu. The research registry is at the bottom of the page.


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