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WORLD PREMIERE: “GLIMPSES” (NZ) on Saturday, Oct 2, 2021

DEFEAT MSA ALLIANCE is pleased to announce the WORLD PREMIERE of a new documentary from New Zealand: “GLIMPSES” on Saturday, Oct 2, 2021 on the last day of the Second Annual All-Community Virtual Conference in honor of WORLD MSA DAY – OCTOBER 3, 2021.
This free film will be shown along with 2 other documentaries, “A Day for Susana” (Brazil) and “MSA: The Ian Macindoe Story” (Australia) during the historic MSA conference.  The Conference is co-hosted by Defeat MSA Alliance and MSA United International, a 7 member global charity consortium devoted to the fight against MSA.
“GLIMPSES” (New Zealand, 2021)
“Glimpses” is a documentary produced by New Zealand filmmaker Guy Pigden about his uncle Gregory Wilsdon who lived in London, UK. The film, part of which was made by Gregory himself, recounts his life since his initial diagnosis with multiple system atrophy, the impact of the disease upon his wife and daughter but also provides an insightful glimpse into Gregory’s own personal journey and the wisdom he gained from the diagnosis. The film was made with a grant provided by Defeat MSA Alliance (US). All conference attendees are welcome to join us for the world premiere of this very profound film!!  JOIN US FOR THE CONFERENCE OR JUST THE FILM(s) – BUT JUST JOIN US!
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