Defeat MSA joins with other American MSA charities in an effort to proclaim March as MSA Awareness Month in every state in the union as well as in the US Congress and Senate! Defeat MSA succeeded in obtaining MSA awareness March proclamations in 2013, 2017 and 2018! We ask for your help this year in this effort – in all the states!

Please write a letter or call (or better yet, do both) – contact your local state representative, state senator, governor, US senator, US representative or local government official – help us get MSA recognized in EVERY STATE, CITY, TOWN, VILLAGE & in Washington, DC!

~Here are some ideas on how to get a proclamation in your state:

Step 1 Locate the contact information for the government office to receive the proclamation request. Click here to find your state government contact information. State guidelines for obtaining proclamations may be available, so search the site. Many states accept the requests through an online submission or email feature. If specific guidelines are stated, follow those provided, otherwise, follow the procedure outlined here.

  Step 2 Carefully read this Proclamation-for-Multiple-System-Atrophy-Awareness-Month-Sample and enter specific accurate information for the relevant city or state and the date.


Step 3 Carefully read this Sample-Proclamation-Request-Letter and enter specific contact information. If you have a special connection to MSA, make certain to include that in your letter!


Step 4 Always, include additional Information on Multiple System Atrophy, such as any pamphlets, websites, or other resources available.  Defeat MSA has a page about the basics, MSA 101.  There is also downloadable information at the bottom of the Defeat MSA website as well as at the footer of our Global Online Support Hub.


Step 5 Send letter, the sample proclamation and the MSA information to them via email or regular mail, in whatever way they request materials to be sent to them. If you send it by email, make sure to follow it up by regular postal mail and also with telephone calls to their offices.


Step 6 Follow-up again, in one week with one or two calls, if there has been no reply. You may also want to get assistance from your local public official and have them convey the request to another public official.  

Step 7 Please email us with a copy of your letter: (, as soon as you have made the request and we will follow up with them as well.  We may even arrange for a photo-op with the MSA Awareness Shoe with the targeted official, so if you succeed, we could send you the MSA Awareness Shoe!  In your request, you can also add information about the MSA via the downloadables (files) on the bottom of the MSA Shoe page.  

Step 8 Upon receiving a proclamation, please let us know and we will broadcast your success and the names of the sponsors in government  EVERYWHERE! We have over 14,000 fans on our three official Facebook pages, approximately 18,000 followers on our two Instagram accounts, almost 7,000 followers on Twitter and numerous online groups. And Lastly, we may even be able to ship the Shoe to you! 

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Together, We Can & Will Defeat MSA!

For 2019, we already have received positive communications from Michigan, Texas, Wisconsin and 6 other states! Also, below that we have posted the status list of proclamations for last year, 2018.