Patient Brain Donation

Brain donations could help researchers find the cause, more treatments and cure for MSA.  The examination of brain tissue is vital in this research process.  A brain donation involves a simple procedure and it does not hinder the funeral or any burial plans.  In many cases, the cost of brain procurement can be offset by a grant from an institution or charity.  Another benefit of a brain donation is what is gained for the family of the deceased with respect to the genetic information.  A brain donation will also help to confirm diagnosis because at present, a brain donation or autopsy is the only method to confirm a diagnosis.  For many, a brain donation is the ultimate gift of life for generations to come. If you are a patient and are considering a brain donation, please visit the links below.  Defeat MSA has an established relationship with the brain donation program of the Brain Support Network. If you are considering a brain donation, please don’t wait to get more information. To learn more about a brain donation, please visit the links below and please let them know, we referred you to them. If you want us to help facilitate contacting either one of the resources below, please let us know! Brain Support Network (Contact Name: Ms. Robbin Riddle)