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Defeat MSA Alliance memorial envelopes are intended for use at funerals or memorial services. Complete the form below to request envelopes. They will be sent to you via FedEx in a package of 35. One way to help the cause of defeating MSA is to ask for donations in memory of a loved one, family or friend, in lieu of flowers. While it won’t bring a loved one back, honoring a loved one may help in the grieving process. Most of the people involved in the fight to defeat MSA are people who have witnessed firsthand the immense suffering caused by it. Helping to continue the fight against this dreadful disease can be a meaningful experience for many people.

If the address of decedent’s family is provided, additional donation acknowledgments can be sent to them as well. Each donor will received a tax receipt along with a brochure about MSA.

If the funeral or memorial is imminent and you cannot wait for a shipment of envelopes, you can also download a PDF copy and either take it to a local printer nearby or print off some of them yourself. Click the button below to download the memorial envelope.

If you wish to have our contact information, here it is below:

Defeat MSA Alliance, 29924 Jefferson Avenue, Saint Clair Shores, Michigan 48082, USA

Toll Free Telephone: (855) 542-5672; (855) Kick-MSA