Non-Profit Status

Defeat MSA is a Federally Tax Exempt Non-Profit with 501c3 approval according to the Internal Revenue Code. Contributions to the Foundation are deductible under 170 of the IRS Code. It is qualified to receive tax deductible bequests, devises, transfers or gifts under section 2055, 2106 or 2522 of the Code. The charity is further classified as a public charity. Click To View Our 501(c)3 IRS Documents Click to view Our current EZ-990 Documents  

MSA Patient Support, Public Awareness and Medical Education Funding:

A portion of funds collected by Defeat MSA from donations and other funding sources is directed toward efforts to help patients currently suffering from the disease, to support the education of medical professionals and to develop public awareness campaigns. One major example of our efforts to support patients and caregivers is the development of the first online video chat platform, called the Global Online Support Hub (GOSH).  The hub includes free downloadable Apple and Android applications. The platform is also available via web access.

Always, in our mind, is to development patient support programs and awareness activities in the most economically viable way and to bring about a lasting impact. Thus, Defeat MSA makes a consistent effort to partner with other charities to bring about our MSA research, patient support, medical education and public awareness objectives.


MSA Curative Research Funding

Another portion of funds collected by Defeat MSA from donations and other funding sources is directed toward efforts to cure and/or slow the progress of the disease. In this regard, we foster promising research that is closest to clinical application and in order to do so in the most economically viable way, Defeat MSA consults with members of its volunteer research advisory board along with experienced adjunct scientific advisors. As with all of our activities, our aim is always to maintain the highest of professional ethics, organizational integrity and financial transparency.

The board of directors, the charity director and all the advisers associated with Defeat MSA are completely volunteer. There are no salaried employees. Every member of our leadership team has a confirmed biological or family connection to Multiple System Atrophy. Every other member of our board of directors also has a family or personal connection to MSA.