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We listed some examples of assistive communication methods. It is important to note that their value depends on the situation, a patient’s abilities and the consultation by their health provider.

All patients are advised to consult with their health provider before using any of these tools. Defeat MSA Alliance is providing these tools and resources for informational purposes only.

Eye Gaze or Tracking Devises

Sometimes people can’t afford the high tech communication devices such as the Dynavox ( or a PRC device (, so here is a tech alternative:


Seven Assistive Communication Apps for iPad and iphone use in the App Store

Large Product Store for Communication Devices:

Company that sells different types of switches, amplifiers, talk and text devices

Article reviewing different types of communication apps

Reviews on Speech Devices & Software:

Company marketing low tech communication solutions: visual aids, starter kits and visual boards

Very Good Resources: Downloads for Emergency Boards, Alphabet Boards and Fill-In Booklets

Excellent Resource: Library of Speech Disorders: Common Assistive Technologies

Excellent Resource: Multiple Downloadable Low-tech Communication Board Options (Include Spanish)

Company selling high tech alerting systems and other communication devices

Excellent Resource: Icommunicate App for personal assistance

Symbol Based Communication App for those with Speech Challenges

Reviewing Various Augmentative and Alternative Communication Apps

SayIt! – speak software

HearYouNow – sound amplifier

Predictable – Therapy Box


Connected with Cboard:

iPrompts PRO by Handhold Adaptive, LLC

Classic TC by Silver Kite

Vocabulary Lite by Red Mountain Labs, Inc.

“I Can Speak” Lazy River Software

Defeat MSA also hosts two Facebook groups: the MSA Loaner Closet Group and the MSA Related Treatments Group. These two groups could provide resources and loaner equipment.

Defeat MSA Durable Medical Equipment Loaner Closet Group

Defeat MSA Related Treatments and Research Discussion Group

Defeat MSA Alliance is the only American charity supporting the MSA loaner closet program. Here is information About Defeat MSA Loaner Closet Program (with downloadable forms)


Searching for a Licensed Speech Language Pathologist

(American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Directory)

Grants Resources for Speech Generating Devices (Communication Aids)

About Funding for Communication Services